Our wholesale products

Here at Dolcetti we supply a wide range of hotels, pubs, restaurants and caterers with our premium ice creams and sorbets.  In quantities ranging upwards from 20 litres we hand craft, package and deliver direct to our clients.  Our entire range of flavours is available for delivery in sizes ranging from small 120ml cups through to our largest 5l tubs.  To find out about our most popular wholesale flavours and arrange your bespoke order please call our office.


Description 120ml 500ml 5000ml
Apple Sorbet – 5000ml Yes
Blackberry/Apple Sorbet – 5000ml Yes Yes
Bountiful – 5000ml Yes
Butterscotch – 5000ml Yes Yes
Cherry – 5000ml Yes Yes
Cherry Yoghurt – 5000ml Yes Yes
Chocolate – 5000ml Yes Yes Yes
Chocolate Orange – 5000ml Yes Yes
Chunky Fudge – 5000ml Yes Yes
Coconut – 5000ml Yes
Cotswold Cream – 5000ml Yes Yes Yes
Cotswold Crunch – 5000ml Yes
Creamberry – 5000ml Yes Yes
Elderflower Sorbet – 5000ml Yes
Eton Mess – 5000ml Yes Yes
Gingerbread – 5000ml Yes Yes
Honey & Ginger – 5000ml Yes Yes
Honeycomb – 5000ml Yes Yes Yes
Irish Cream – 5000ml Yes Yes
Jewelled Chocolate – 5000ml Yes Yes
Lemon Meringue – 5000ml Yes
Lemon Sorbet – 5000ml Yes Yes
Mango Sorbet – 5000ml Yes Yes
Marinated Fig Yoghurt – 5000ml Yes
Mint Choc Chip – 5000ml Yes Yes Yes
Mocha – 5000ml Yes Yes Yes
Orange Choc Chip – 5000ml Yes Yes
Passion Fruit Gelato – 5000ml Yes
Passion Fruit Yoghurt – 5000ml Yes
Peach – 5000ml Yes Yes
Pomegranate – 5000ml Yes Yes
Raspberry Sorbet – 5000ml Yes Yes Yes
Salted Caramel – 5000ml Yes Yes
Snowflake – 5000ml Yes
Stracciatella – 5000ml Yes Yes
Strawberry Cream – 5000ml Yes Yes Yes
Strawberry Sorbet – 5000ml Yes
Toffee Fudge – 5000ml Yes Yes
Vanilla – 5000ml Yes
Very Berry Sorbet – 5000ml Yes Yes
Yoghurt – 5000ml Yes


Description 120ml 500ml 5000ml
Amaretto – 5000ml Yes
Cherry Chocolate – 5000ml Yes
Gianduia Nutty – 5000ml Yes Yes
Malaga (Rum & Raisin) – 5000ml Yes Yes
Maple Pecan – 5000ml Yes Yes
Pistachio – 5000ml Yes Yes
Samba – 5000ml Yes Yes



Description 120ml 500ml 5000ml
Vegan Cream – 5000ml Yes Yes
Vegan Stracciatella – 5000ml Yes Yes


Caramel Crunch Solo – Box of 12
Cherry Chocolate Solo – Box of 12
Chocolate Solo – Box of 12
Eton Mess Solo – Box of 12
Raspberry Sorbet Crunch Solo – Box of 12


Cherry Chocolate Celebration Log
Strawberries & Cream Celebration Log
Mango Raspberry Sorbet Celebration Log

Bottled Sauce

Bottled Sauce – Chocolate
Bottled Sauce – Amarena Cherry
Bottled Sauce – Raspberry
Bottled Sauce – Caramel


Amarena Cherries – 1 kg
Honeycomb Crumb – 1 kg
Fudge Cubes – 1 kg
Meringue Granules – 1kg
Mini Marshmallow – 1kg


Single Scoop Waffle Cone – 294
Double Scoop Waffle Cone – 216
Chocolate Dipped Cone – 198
Sampler Cone – 378
Gluten Free Cone – 100


Bespoke Printed Wafer – 180’s Minimum 2 week lead time
Bespoke Printed Wafer – 1000’s Minimum 2 week lead time

Cups & Spoons

Single Scoop Cup – 100’s
Double Scoop Cup – 100’s
Triple Scoop Cup – 100’s
Assorted Plastic spoons – 1kg


Cone Carousel
Topping Holder
Italian Stainless Steel Spatulas
Stainless Steel Ball Scoop